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Fachwerk Kit Houses
Fachwerk kit components
  • Step-by-step instructions for building Prostodom house;
  • Glued laminated lumber frame;
  • Energy efficient double glazing;
  • Roof and wall insulation (PIR boards);
  • Doors and windows with double glazing (Schüco);
  • Ventilation;
  • Hemming roof overhangs with timber imitation (grade A-B);
  • Drainage system;
  • Overlap of the second floor finished to shell and core (for Fachwerk Plus models);
  • Mounting kit.
Additional costs
  • Basement (depends of your preferences);
  • Delivery and assembly (depends of the region);
  • Internal parting walls and internal finishing.
Additional costs of the selected house kit will be calculated by a sales manager in your region.
Delivery and assembly calculation
Our sales manager will contact you to discuss the details and provide you with all needed information.
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